We had a sparking line outside our house so we did what anyone would do, we called the emergency number at the top of our bill. Centerpoint via Startex (the final charge was from Centerpoint) sent out a technician to look at it.

He took one look, concluded the line belonged to our landlord, and left (total time here, about 10 minutes max).

We were very appreciative for his assessment until the next bill came. We got hit with a surprise $50 charge for those 10 minutes. We were never notified. I made multiple calls spending hours on the phone trying to 1)reach a human being and 2)reason with someone responsible to tell them I was never notified about the charge; if I had known about the charge, I never would have called; I'd have called 911.

I never got someone.

It was either pay or get dropped.

They never got back to me to issue so much as an apology. They played dirty and we HATE them for that.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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